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The form on this page will request an interview with a member of the Halcyon leadership, who will determine if you are eligible to submit a consideration letter to the group. Before you proceed, you must understand and accept the conditions provided below. 

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SECRECY and CONFIDENTIALITY – The workings, structure and procedures of the group cannot be discussed with ANYONE who is not a current or potential member of the group; this is necessary to maintain the integrity of all those in the group’s membership. And to protect the reach and influence of the organisation. 

NAME –  Only current members of the group have the right to use its name; this is to say those whose invitations have been accepted.  

ADVERTISEMENT – Proselytising is forbidden. While members are encouraged to invite others whom they think would be a good fit for the group, the group cannot be sold or recommended as anything other than what it is. And while the group does offer invaluable resources to achieve influence and power, it shall not be represented with any terms that may connote a cult or a religious sect. All invitations shall be extended in person and only to those who are invited to join the group. 

Halcyon Group: Equality

EQUALITY – Social, religious, and ethnic or gender-based acts of discrimination are forbidden. They are considered criminal under the group’s organisational codes (to be written and deliberated upon by the leadership). Any behaviour that is related to such discrimination is subject to internal review. Depending on the severity of the transgression, the group will actively seek social and legal consequences for the individual(s) perpetrating it. This provision is not debatable. 

DEMOCRACY – Except for the President, The leadership is subject to a democratic election by the membership. Duration of terms is determined by the leadership and written into law in the group’s organisational codes.

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