Return to The Underworld, back to Writing for Pleasure

Yes, I understand the title seems deliberately provocative; why would I claim to return to the underworld when I’ve never been there? But the writing for pleasure part is honest.  This title should not imply that I have not enjoyed the work of the last year. No, Invert City is one of my most gratifying projects yet.Continue reading Return to The Underworld, back to Writing for Pleasure

I Write for Myself to Reclaim My Power

Your language determines your thinking and by extension your access to reality. Why does Google want you to stop using it?

Self-Transcendence through Dance

Let’s now think of music, which has an undeniable and profound effect on the human psyche. Most, if not all cultures and civilisations have expressed their emotions artistically through music or singing. Its rhythmically repeating patterns are pleasing to the human ear and, in context, soothing to the emotional brain.

My conversations with a “real” prophet

I wrote about my conversation with a real prophet in April 13th of 2010. Today, as I read this piece again to post it here, I feel his presence in my life and the effect he had on my thinking is clear. Thank you, Frank. I always understood that one can predict the future withContinue reading “My conversations with a “real” prophet”