Lesson 1: Establishing Trust

You did it; you decided to learn from one of the best teachers possible, and that journey of learning and discovery starts now. Welcome to your first lesson. NOTE: Every lesson contains, amongst other parts, exercises and the reasons for the activities in those exercises. Whenever possible, additional reading will be suggested. What is selling?Continue reading “Lesson 1: Establishing Trust”

Allow Me to Introduce myself again

I only thought about writing a book once before I committed to this new project, and it was a comical attempt at claiming that my romantic exploits were deserving of such an honour. They aren’t, but at the time, I was convinced that the world was as simple and limited as my list of conquests.Continue reading “Allow Me to Introduce myself again”

Reasons for not editing Book 1

There are two reasons for my decision to publish Book 1 of The 8-13 project without editing: first, my need to be received or perceived by my readers as I think and as I speak naturally. I worried as I wrote the first book that its message could inadvertently be changed by another mind attemptingContinue reading “Reasons for not editing Book 1”