The Staggering Cost of Fraud in North America: A Growing Concern

The cost of fraud in North America is a growing concern, with businesses, governments, and individuals suffering significant financial losses. This pervasive issue not only erodes consumer confidence and financial system integrity but also diverts resources from growth and development initiatives. Understanding the magnitude of this problem is essential for developing effective strategies to prevent and combat fraudulent activities, ultimately ensuring a more secure and stable economic future in the region.

I Write for Myself to Reclaim My Power

Your language determines your thinking and by extension your access to reality. Why does Google want you to stop using it?

When Persuasion Fails: The Correct Use of Force

We can, rightfully, spend hours talking about the importance of environmental factors to communication. Still, I want to discuss one particular aspect of proper leadership that is often ignored or downplayed in our current social climate – the use of force.