Book One

The 8-13 Project, Book 1

Book One (revised)

Of the 8-13 Project Series

By Peyton J. Dracco


The 8-13 Project, Book 1 (REVISED) is a semi-fictional account of a real-life financial fraud case that was referred to by U.S. District Attorney Loretta Lynch as the biggest of its kind in history. While details were altered to protect the identities of the people involved, the events have been written as they happened. Book 1 contains interviews, stories, and accounts of these proceedings recounted by individuals who were instrumental to the crime. It is worth noting that the author has direct, personal relationships with several of the people involved in this historically significant financial event. Also, to another figure central to the book, a criminal mastermind, and wanted fugitive sought after by several international law enforcement agencies.

The 8-13 Project, Book on (revised)

In this volume, the author creatively explores methods of manipulation, deception and power dynamics that are pervasive and important to the criminal underground. Law enforcement and government corruption are also factors that the author must consider to make sense of a larger, more sinister criminal empire whose endgame benefits from this financial misconduct. The book also briefly offers a fresh and different perspective on learning from criminal strategies. It provides a framework of personal development that while taken form the study of lawbreakers can be adapted to pursuing socially responsible outcomes.

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Praise for The 8-13 Project, Book 1

An absolutely incredible story– a MUST READ for sure!!

I LOVED this book from start to finish. The concept and plot of the story is ingenious and knowing that it is based on a true story makes it even more so. The way Peyton writes is very natural, clear, and free-flowing, like he’s right there talking directly to you. I was blown away by how the story unfolded as a whole. It is mysterious, grasping, intellectual, thought-provoking, and makes you question certain things about reality…

Danielle Martin


Told so much about things that weren’t public knowledge. Was fantastic to learn about what happened behind the scenes. Was really impressed with the development of the book! Really shed light on what really happened.


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