About The Devil Unbound

I have intended to write about the Devil Unbound project for a while now and finally sit down to do it. Weird name, I know, and that weirdness is intentional. The point is to make people think about what they perceive as good and evil. On the website for The Devil Unbound, I explain thatContinue reading “About The Devil Unbound”

Why Some Men Are Afraid of Strong Women

A condemnation of one part of a system isn’t necessarily a commendation of its opposite. I constantly encounter men who are offended by criticisms of patriarchal systems of power, to whom I say: your “masculinity” isn’t under attack by anything except your insecurities. Perhaps, a matriarchal order is a viable solution to our problems –Continue reading “Why Some Men Are Afraid of Strong Women”

Three Essential Steps to Being More Convincing

The mechanics behind these agreements are the same, from asking a friend for a simple favour to brokering international peace treaties. So I give you Three Essential Steps to Being More Convincing

(Reblog) My Friend, Mentor, and Business Partner Is a Convicted Criminal

At this point, I will insist that you search his name and read the media’s [mis]representation of his character and the characters of those other friends implicated in the case, and that is also material for another story…

When Persuasion Fails: The Correct Use of Force

We can, rightfully, spend hours talking about the importance of environmental factors to communication. Still, I want to discuss one particular aspect of proper leadership that is often ignored or downplayed in our current social climate – the use of force.