The Trial by Existence

One f my favourite poems, The Trial by Existence The light of heaven falls whole and whiteAnd is not shattered into dyes,The light forever is morning light;The hills are verdured pasture-wise;The angle hosts with freshness go,And seek with laughter what to brave;–And binding all is the hushed snowOf the far-distant breaking wave.And from a cliff-topContinue reading “The Trial by Existence”

Hypnosis and the ART of Achieving Compliance (Reworked)

When I write Hypnosis and the ART of Achieving Compliance, I purposely emphasise the ART part of it. Whilst there is some science on the topic of hypnosis it remain contentious amongst scholars and neuro-scientists. Here I give you a piece I wrote in 2014 on the issue; it reflects my scepticism, which abides today.