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I know this section is about me, but I’ll start by saying that in Book 1 of The 8-13 Project, Maddox Vargas talks about how changing one’s name is an excellent step towards psychological emancipation, and I agree.

Scientific literature is full of studies about how your name, the first label imposed upon you by the world, affects the general outcome of your life. 

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I had two reasons for changing the label my family gave me without my consent: first, my given name is too common, especially in the part of the world in which I was born. Second, the pseudonym I proudly carry is a tribute to a dearly departed friend: my mentor and the reason for what I do today.

My first precise exposure to the notion that minds can be controlled and changed by elementary gestures was in the corporate world. This mentor, for whom I chose the name you read in these pages, was a very dedicated researcher in the area of behavioural analysis and modification; he was, to put it briefly, investigating the way that the human brain makes decisions.

Since the day I saw him present his finding to a broad audience of salespeople, and throughout our subsequent friendship, he helped me focus my understanding of the methods of influence I now write about and teach. He assisted me in honing the communication skills that have led me to success in my business and coaching careers. 

I am, by calling, a dealer in words; and words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.

— Rudyard Kipling

After 9 Studios


Since that first day, I have held different positions in fortune 5oo companies, international conglomerates, government and national security agencies and others I cannot mention here.  

Especially through my associations with the criminal underground, and the conversation I have had with what I can only describe as bad people, these skills of persuasion have made the difference in how the story ends. 

It follows then that if I have to offer you a short, concise description of me, to provide something about who Peyton Dracco is, I will afford Kipling the honour.

Thank you very much for stopping by

— Peyton J. Dracco

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