Who Is Kolt Curry And Why You Should Let Him Teach You To Sell

A quick google search for that name returns two-hundred-thirty-six-thousand results in forty-five tens of a second, that is 236,000 pages in less than a second; and I grant you that I am using an older, slower computer to write this. The first result to load is his professional Linkedin account, which is logically followed by a link to his Facebook profile; both portals give you a mere glimpse of the person I pretend to know so well. His public profiles are full of photos of food he prepared himself, and motivational quotes that reflect a desperate need to be better, to do better, and to help others with the same.

Who is Kolt Curry
Learning to sell better

And why? Why is Kolt so keen on doing better? Well, because he has not always been the man he strives to be today; or at the very least, the world did not perceive him that way. Even Google, with its binary objectivity, puts forth an accusation of his character in the third result of that quick search: a document from the Ontario Securities Committee outlining more than fourteen charges against him and his associates for financial fraud and other offences to the public interest.

Kolt will be the first one to agree that these rulings are justifiable, as the offences to which they point merit the consequences he once faced.

He did break the law.

He openly admits to wrongdoing, and how those indiscretions carry some of the lessons that make him the man he is now. Kolt has an obscene ability to face his faults. In our numerous conversations, Kolt and I have agreed upon the defining power of our mistakes and how learning from them can be difficult, but necessary for a successful life.

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But many skills are necessary to succeed in different endeavours. And this is, after all, about why you should listen to Kolt and whatever advice he can give you. If I can offer you a reason to do what my friend tells you, the next paragraph will be my best attempt.

A combination of a complicated upbringing and even more complex adulthood gives him the uncanny ability to understand people. As you may imagine at this point, that ability is a tool for control that Kolt knows how to use very well. He is a master salesman. Yes, he once used his powers of persuasion to benefit illegal operations before that pivotal day of August 13 of 2013.

I recommend you look into that series of events that made financial history and overshadowed the Wolf of Wall Street’s career. It is also true that he currently uses his skills for the public interest he once betrayed.

Indeed, you might not want to follow Kolt’s advice about accepting responsibility for your mistakes, though I insist you should, you will want to let him teach you how to sell. You will surely want to let him show you how to move others in the right direction. An here is the point of this short writeup: to invite you to take his help in becoming a better communicator and therefore a better salesperson.

And why not learn from this tried and tested manipulator? Why not pay attention to what this master criminal has to say? Government and other high-level security agencies hire individuals who challenged the law in creative ways. Criminals of different kinds are often called upon to teach law enforcement groups how to prevent the same crimes they committed and got away with for the most part. And here I am, suggesting to my colleague to do something similar, and he has decided to indulge me.

Learning from Kolt Curry
Learning from the best

NOTE: It is NOT The intention of this project to teach you how to manipulate people, and while the methods you will learn are powerful, what you do with them is your responsibility and not that of the producers of the training material.

I am sure you understand this decision is not only about selling products or services; it is about selling yourself. This project is about helping you present the best version of you so that selling your products and services becomes a natural part of your life.

Kolt’s story is more than impressive; it warrants books written about it, and I should know, I wrote one. His is a story that challenges most people’s understanding of human behaviour and what it takes to survive the worst of that behaviour. Google and international justice officials verify Kolt’s story – former US District Attorney Loretta Lynch used powerful statements to describe it – it is the kind of journey university faculties use to sharpen their students’ minds. I invite you to be part of it while learning to profit from the lessons it can afford you.

I also invite you to check the facts I’ve given you here, do that now, and…


Thank you for reading.

— Peyton Dracco


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