About The Devil Unbound

I have intended to write about the Devil Unbound project for a while now and finally sit down to do it. Weird name, I know, and that weirdness is intentional. The point is to make people think about what they perceive as good and evil.

On the website for The Devil Unbound, I explain that its purpose is to show how disinformation and misinformation are two of the leading causes of social decay and that critical thinking is the best tool to pursue happiness.

The style in which the articles on that page are written may appear pessimistic and judgemental, and that’s because they are. The main idea is to judge bad ideas harshly but to apply that judgement critically, using the fundamental of sound philosophy.

The Devil and I are not looking to offend anyone’s sensibilities, but know that that is inevitable when complex topics are discussed. As a result of this understanding, we ask no forgiveness from the people who might be insulted by our presentation, if not by the project’s name.

You can read the blog here or see the site in its entirety here.

I, or we, as a representative of the devil, ask that you engage us in conversation whether you agree or disagree with our points – especially if you disagree.

“Therefore, if conversations about significant issues like happiness and critical thinking and how misinformation affects them are challenging endeavours, then I’m up to the challenge. , The Devil, Lucifer or Satan, as some people know him, is a symbol of opposition. He represents challenges to rules that undermine true liberty. However, this Devil you come to see here attempts to take on those rules armed with moral philosophy and correct thinking.”

from the conversations page

Thank you for reading.

Published by Peyton J. Dracco

Author & entrepreneur

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