Reasons for not editing Book 1

There are two reasons for my decision to publish Book 1 of The 8-13 project without editing: first, my need to be received or perceived by my readers as I think and as I speak naturally. I worried as I wrote the first book that its message could inadvertently be changed by another mind attempting to decipher my intentions; I would prefer that the reader take on that challenge. It felt weird and unnatural to have someone else correct the feelings behind my words and sentences. It felt unnecessary, like (over) scrutinising a message to a lover of a personal friend. It felt unnatural. I think all first books should be published this way to provide a clear vision of the mind composing them. And second, there is the need to preserve some lexical structures that lead to particular messages put into the book. These messages are necessarily hidden in nonsensical, run-on-sentences; messages that could not be disclosed to anyone other than the people who took part in the events on which the book is based… until some observant reader can decode them.

It is my promise to those who read my work that all subsequent books will be edited whenever possible.


While the book may be revised in time, the unedited copy will always be available as a reminder of the needs mentioned in this article.

Click on the image of the book cover art to view it on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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