Allow Me to Introduce myself again

I only thought about writing a book once before I committed to this new project, and it was a comical attempt at claiming that my romantic exploits were deserving of such an honour. They aren’t, but at the time, I was convinced that the world was as simple and limited as my list of conquests.

My name is Peyton J. Dracco, at least that’s how the business world knows me, and the middle initial stands for a name that may or may not be mine, but that is a topic for a different story. I come to you not humbly but arrogantly believing that the story I have written is worth your time. And if anything because it is based on real, historically significant events – events that when understood properly, have the potential to change the way you see yourself and your place in the world. What an extraordinary claim that my poor grammar and mediocre orthographic projections could lead anyone to see themselves differently. Still, part of me believes it, and while another part of me finds the solipsism exhibited by the latter part obscene, the whole of me embraces it.

Now, I didn’t sit down to philosophise about my need for therapy, no, I stopped to tell you who I am, and that is a much simpler endeavour.

I am a businessman with associations to the criminal underground, and no, that association does not imply guilt in any sense; I am friends with people who were instrumental in the crimes about which I write … I was friends with them before they were international lawbreakers. I am also a study of human behaviour; the psychology of why and how people do certain things has been of interest to me since I can remember being interested in anything. An interest that grew as I moved countries with my family searching for better life opportunities, and later validated when the government contracted me into the fields of national security and intelligence.

That’s me in a nutshell. I love people, I love language, and I love knowing how language makes people tick.


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